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  • I’ve been using Tri County for over 10 years ever since I had problems with carpenter ants at my old house.Once I moved to my new home I’ve had them do quarterly service and have not had a problem in my home as far as pests are concerned.The people that come to my house are friendly and professional as well.I would recommend them to anyone.

    Kevin Curnette
    Kevin Curnette Shiloh, NJ

We have ant control down to a science!

  • An expert technician performs a thorough inspection to identify ant trails, nests, and entry points.
  • Targeted, outside-in treatment eliminates the colony at the source.
  • Indoor applications are made with baits and low impact products to eliminate ants with minimal risk to occupants.
  • Undetectable insecticides and specially formulated baits wipe out the entire colony, not just the foragers!
  • Local service technicians in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland

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