Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We are pros at the heat treatment method for eliminating bed bugs. We have over 30 years of experience eliminating bed bugs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Reach out today for a price estimate!

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For Immediate Service, Call Now!

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At Tri-County Pest Control, we are certified experts for Thermal Remediation, a form of heat treatment for removing bed bugs from your home safely and efficiently. Below you can learn more about how to prepare for the thermal remediation service and what our process looks like. Please call us if you have any questions or would like a price estimate today!

  • Minimal preparation compared to traditional treatment.
  • No risk of chemical resistance.
  • Eliminates or drastically reduces pesticide use.
  • Eliminates the infestation in a single treatment.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • Clothing, furniture, electronics –everything is treated at once!

Don’t Lose Sleep Over BED BUGS!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation Checklist

  • Remove clutter from closets, drawers, and all around the house or apartment.
  • Drawers and closets should be no more than half full.
  • Remove all pets.
  • Remove all houseplants.
  • Remove wax items like crayons and candles.
  • Remove alcoholic beverages or place them in the refrigerator.
  • Place medicine in the fridge, and take any that you need with you.
  • Remove all firearms, ammo, gunpowder, and fireworks.
  • Take down plastic blinds –the heat may make them droop.
  • Remove any makeup that may melt or be damaged by the heat.
  • Remove items containing alcohol like rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, etc.
  • Remove all batteries.
  • Remove all aerosol products.
  • Secure or remove money and valuables.
  • Remove oils like cooking oil, mineral oils, etc. The oil may expand under heat and leak out of the container.
  • Remove all compressed gasses.
  • Remove flammables like matches and lighters.
  • Unplug all electronics and remove all plasma screen TVs.
  • Remove all cassette tapes, video tapes, records, photo albums, and negatives.
  • The crew will need to inspect and remove items from closets, drawers, and storage. If there is anything you do not want the crew to see or handle, please remove it.
  • Pictures will be taken off the walls. They will not be rehung because temperatures will be too hot during take down. Please let the crew know about any oil paintings.
  • Dust covers may be removed to allow for better airflow.

Heat Treatment Application Process From the Field

Thermal Remediation Extra Measures

Mattress Covers

Along with other cutting edge methods, Tri-County supplies and installs mattress covers to trap and kill bed bugs in the mattress and box spring. Additionally the white color and reduced number of seams make beds and box springs with covers much easier to inspect. We utilize both active covers (covers that have been impregnated with permethrin and actively kill bed bugs) and passive covers (covers that provide an escape proof seal to trap the bed bugs until they eventually die). An expert technician will help you determine which option is best for you.

Extended Warranty

With any method of bed bug control, but especially with Thermal Remediation, it is very difficult to prevent bed bugs from being reintroduced. For this reason, many pest control companies refuse to offer a warranty on their services, or offer a very minimal one. However, here at Tri-County, we have developed an extended warranty program that involves monitoring, preventative maintenance, and training. Schedule a consultation today to find out more about this unique program.

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