As the number of bed bug calls began steadily increasing over the past few years, we began to realize that conventional methods alone were not enough when it came to bed bugs. After a long period of research and testing, Tri County is happy to introduce Thermal Remediation® services to eradicate Bed Bugs. This service is a cutting edge method that uses heat instead of chemicals to kill the insects.

Tri County is one of the first companies in our service area to offer bed bug treatment with Thermal Remediation®. This cutting edge treatment option has a number of advantages over the conventional methods of bed bug control:

No fuss: There is very little preparation required by the customer. There is rarely a need to empty all your drawers or move furniture around!

Green: Greatly reduces the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Heat treatment is safe for sensitive areas such as day cares, hospitals, and dorm rooms.

3-Keys-to-successElimination: Done properly, Thermal Remediation® eliminates all stages of bed bugs the first time. Treatment typically lasts 6-10 hours versus the months of follow up treatments required with conventional methods.

While bed bugs can survive a wide range of temperatures, research has shown that all stages of bed bugs die within a matter of minutes at 120°.

There are three main keys to success in our process of Thermal Remediation®.

Bed Bug Killers

Mattress Covers

Along with other cutting edge methods, Tri-County supplies and installs mattress covers to trap and kill bed bugs in the mattress and box spring. Additionally the white color and reduced number of seams make beds and box springs with covers much easier to inspect. We utilize both active covers (covers that have been impregnated with permethrin and actively kill bed bugs) and passive covers (covers that provide an escape proof seal to trap the bed bugs until they eventually die). An expert technician will help you determine which option is best for you.

Extended Warranty

With any method of bed bug control, but especially with Thermal Remediation, it is very difficult to prevent bed bugs from being reintroduced. For this reason, many pest control companies refuse to offer a warranty on their services, or offer a very minimal one. However, here at Tri-County, we have developed an extended warranty program that involves monitoring, preventative maintenance, and training. Schedule a consultation today to find out more about this unique program.