These are some of the most commonly found household pest:


Ants are among the most abundant creatures on earth. Although they have an important place in the environment, they can cause serious problems when they invade and contaminate homes.


The most common type of termite in our area, the eastern subterranean termite, causes millions of dollars in property damage annually. Tri-County has programs to protect your property and peace of mind.


Some species of roaches present a serious health concern. They can cause respiratory problems in sensitive individuals. Many roaches can transmit diseases from the filthy area where they hide and breed.


Bed bugs are on of the most invasive and difficult pests. Tri-County’s thermal remediation is an exclusive and cutting edge technology that eliminates bed bugs infestations in a single treatment.


For the most part, spiders are not only harmless, but beneficial. However, inside the home spiders can present a muisance and occasionally become dangerous hazard.

Stink Bugs

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is a pest that is native to Asia. However, since its introduction into North America, this pest has quickly become an extreme nuisance.


Flies breed in rotting food, fermenting organic material, and feces. It is little wonder, then, that flies are capable of carrying over 100 pathogens!


Everyone has experienced the annoying itchy welts caused by mosquito bites. However, mosquitoes carry many devastating diseases such as West Nile virus and Malaria.


Rodents are highly opportunistic creatures and will seek out food and water and shelter wherever they can find it, even your home! Certain rodents are carriers of serious diseases such as Hantavirus, Salmonella, and even the Plague.

Bats & Birds

Bats and birds are integral and fragile members of our local ecosystem. Tri-County’s methods protect your health and home against these misunderstood creatures with a mind for environmental conservation.

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