Commitment to the Environment

Tri-County strives to be environmentally conscious in all our services. The days of haphazardly spraying of high impact pesticides indoors and out are long gone, and we hold ourselves to higher standards than those set out by the EPA and DEP. We always serach for the source of a pest problem and make specific suggestions for mechanical or sanitation alterations. However, GreenPro service takes this approach to a whole new level.

GreenPro Service

green-pro-logoEnvironmental sustainability is more important today than ever before. With GreenPro service, we drastically reduce the use of pesticides without compromising our ability to control pests in and around your home. This is accomplished by conducting a detailed survey of the property and obtaining a full history of pest activity. We then make alterations and suggestions to eliminate and prevent pest problems. When pesticides must be used, we select the most targeted and environmentally friendly products avaibable.

If you are interested in switching to GreenPro from conventional service or would like more information, call us today!