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Tri-County uses an advanced multi-tiered approach to ant control. We control ants in three layers: at the source, at the entry points, and in your home.

This layer creates a powerful first line of defense and serves as a base for the other layers of control. We will create a chemical barrier around the foundation of the structure as well as treat any possible ant ingress points like window frames, eves, and utility penetrations. This means that any ants trying to access the interior will first need to crawl through a treated zone. We carefully select non-repellent products to take advantage of the naturally social nature of any colonies. Instead of just killing the foraging ants, these products will be transferred back to the colony, thereby killing the queen and, in turn, causing the whole colony to collapse.

Ants Present a Special Challenge.

Ants are the most pest common complaint that we receive, and they are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate. Foragers are likely to enter your home in search of food, water, and other resources. When they find when they are looking for, they send signals back to the nest, and suddenly you have a full blown army!

Trying to eliminate ants with store bought chemicals is often a waste, as most ants will simply avoid them. Furthermore, for every ant you kill, there are many more to take its place. The colonies of some species of ants can grow into the hundreds of thousands or even millions.

Often, we get calls from distraught homeowners who have located and sprayed a nest, only to find that they are still having problems with ants. Certain species of ants will build multiple, distinct supercolonies or satellite nests, so expertise in ant identification, biology, and behavior is neccessary to treat successfully.

Finally, ant species have a wide variety of food preferences, behaviors, and nesting areas. This means that effective treatment will often require a wide range of chemical formulations, active ingredients, and application methods.

This treatment layer aims to reduce ant pressure in the environment around the structure. We carefully inspect the surrounding property for trailing ants or possible resource sites. By treating these areas, we can prevent new or existing colonies from becoming established too close to the structure. To accomplish this, we use a combination of targeted baits and residual insecticides. Baits take advantage of the food sharing behavior of ants -foraging ants will bring the bait back to the colony where it will be distributed throughout the nest. When treating resource sites such as mulch beds, leaf cover, and vegetation, we carefully select products that will not harm beneficial insects or non target wildlife.

Inspection is Key.

When we first come out to treat for ants, we do a thorough inspection of your property. This is a vital step that will allow us to choose the precise products and methods that will be most effective at eliminating your ant problem. Some of the things your technician will be looking for in his inspection include:

  • Identify the locations of heaviest ant activity
  • Identify the species of ant
  • Locate the nest(s) if possible
  • Determine feeding patters
  • Identify points of entry
  • Identify conditions conducive to ants
  • Identify sensitive areas

Often times, we will not be called until ants have already made their way inside the structure. In this case, we have a specialized approach to indoor ant control. First, we use a combination of baits and insecticides that are formulated and applied in such a way that minimizes any risk to occupants. Like in Layer 1, we also select non-repellent products so that ants aren’t “locked in” to the structure.

Health and Safety are of Paramount Importance.

Although many people view ants as strictly a nuisance pest, certain species can have a big impact on human health and safety. Although ants are not particularly prolific disease vectors themselves, they often crawl through bacteria and other contaminants on their way into your house. This can lead to contamination of food and water. At best this can force your to throw items away, and at worse you or your family could become sick. Additionally, ants are closely related to wasps, and there are some species that can deliver a sting. This is especially dangerous for individuals with severe allergies to stinging insects.

When treating for ants, we will always make sure to put the health and safety of your family first. We choose the most targeted, least toxic treatments to minimize the risk of exposure to people, pets, and beneficial insects like honey bees. Tri-County is a Quality Pro and Green Pro certified company. This means we adhere to and exceed the strictest standards set out by the National Pest Management Association.

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